Merlotdarling: Blathh: Liiiiiike, I’d Love to Buy More Sex Worker Services Than I Currently Do….



Liiiiiike, I’d love to buy more sex worker services than I currently do. But I don’t waste their time by telling them that. I dont go into a camroom with no tokens, a strip club with no dollars, a PSO line with no credit, and expect them to smile and be grateful for my ~company~ and ~empathy~ and take up their time when they could be concentrating on customers! Like! No! How entitled do you have to be! And if you “just want to be friends”, then do it in a way that’s either supportive (in a tangible way) or do it in an environment removed from their work so that you’re not taking away from that. If you just expect cookies and attention for being around, you’re not a good potential friend anyway.

Like, you can be friends with your barista. But you’re a really shitty friend if you go into their coffee shop at the lunch time rush, dont buy anything, dont leave anything in the tip jar, and get pissy that they’re not hanging out with you when they have customers to serve. It’s the same thing.

can we all like put this as a disclaimer in our “about me”/“bios” section where we cam at?! No truer words have ever been spoken

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