What Do We Know About Sexting?

What Do We Know About Sexting? LiveXXX webcams girls What Do We Know About SextingCh!ldren have always been curious about studying their body and other people’s bodies too. At some
point, they suddenly discover that boys are different from girls. And start exploring this difference with
their hand right away.
Although this knowledge looks innocent and funny, parents try to shift the ch!ldren’s attention to
something else. You have got to know that there is a difference – that’s enough for your age. You will
learn more later!
The second stage opens when the difference between the sexes begins to stick out and climb into the
eyes literally. However, at this point it is difficult to switch their attention to something neutral. Ch!ldren
cease to be ch!ldren and vigorously develop new opportunities in their bodies.
Boys discuss girls with each other, girls – boys. And – ah, I do not know! – whose conversations are more
obscene. Either boys with the overwhelming sex themes, or girls, discussing their past or upcoming
sexual experiences.
They start seeing each other, boys start shaking hands, they kiss… I do not know if y0ung people are still
playing the bottle now. When I was y0ung no party could go without “bottle”. We were sitting in the
circle and spinning bottle so that two people it shows at had to kiss.
Some of them kissed timidly: they touched each other’s lips only. And some, merged in ecstasy. They
kissed long and passionately, covering their eyes. They kissed until the other participants began to count
out loud, “Ten! Eleven! Twelve!” or until someone said, “Get a room”. But the “bottle” is nothing in
comparison with the miracle of the 21 century, a smartphone.
New creative ideas are born frequently. For example, Russian girls decide to take a naked picture of
them. Today it is terribly simple, thanks to front cameras on our devices. It often happens so that such
pictures are being sent to besties first, then to boyfriend and then they are all over the internet.

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According to psychologists, there is an interesting phenomenon, called sexting. The name comes from
two words: “sex” and “texting”. So psychologists studied it, trying to answer the most important
questions. And here is what they found:
1. Sexting is not a perversion, but a normal phenomenon. The usual teen desire to stand out against the
2. In the US, more than 25% of teenagers and about a third of y0ung people aged 18-24 are engaged in
sexting. The interviewed age groups claimed that almost all of them received text messages with sexual
content. Approximately two-thirds of the respondents received similar messages, accompanied by
pictures. About 60% of the respondents admitted that they themselves were sexting, and about 45%
sent frank pictures. Mobile devices, smartphones and tablets are used for sexting, rather than
computers or laptops. A smartphone or a tablet allows you to take a selfy quickly and send a picture
easily, and also provoke the recipient for an instant response after receiving a sexting message.
3. Men like active seksting more than women do. It seems that the point is that a naked male body
attracts women less than a naked female body attracts men. Therefore, sexting satisfies men better. On
the other hand, teenage girls practice sexting with pictures actively. This is because they have a sense of
security when doing sexting. After all, compared to other sex games, sexting is safe. There is no physical
contact, no danger of catching a disease or getting pregnant. And it’s fun!

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4. Pampering with sexting is still not that safe and the society treats it differently. First, according to
American laws, the exchange of erotic messages and images with persons under the age of 18 is
considered to be a child molestation and sexual harassment. These are very serious crimes.
Therefore, have fun but make sure you are not doing anything illegal first!

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