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Adorable young brunette Tasha Sky is one of the hottest cam girl. Her beautiful face and slim young body with big natural breasts are so hot and desirable. Tiny and slim teen babe gets nude in her live webcam shows showing to you a body which leaves you mouth watering with a jaws on the floor. Her tiny fingers run all over her sexy body gently caressing hot spots making her twisting and moaning. When she masturbates she likes to be totally nude. She twists her hips all the time while her boobies are jiggling and swaying all around. She also likes to squeeze her big natural tits and to show her brown tiny and popped up nipples which dares to be kissed and sucked. Tasha Sky is so hot and sexy and at the same time honest looking girl. There are thousands of wankers which are felt in love with her. She is a real sweetheart.

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Tasha Sky Biography

Gender: Female
Age range: 19
Hair color: Dark Brown
Complexion: Medium
Hairstyle/Length: Shoulder Length
Eyes: Blue/Green
Weight: 105 lbs / 47 kg
Height: 5′ 3 ” / 160 cm
Chest/Bust: C
Shoe Size: 8
Physique: Petite
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Wichita, Kansas, United States
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Known Accents: American LA, Valley Girl
Languages: English
Personal interests: photography, modeling, writing, drawing
Entertainment Goeals: To be a model, Be on TV, To gain as much experiences as possible
The Best Attributes: fun, outgoing, silly, energic

“My name is Natasha I model under the name Mary Jane. I live in Kansas and been modeling for the last 3 years with photographers in my area. Modeling has been a dream of mine since i was a little kid, and I’m hoping one day I would be able to make it big and be successful. I’m a hard worker and willing to do what it takes to make.”

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“Bones are for dogs; meat is for men,” “real women have curves,” if you’ve ever been this person I wish you’d nothing but to rot:) being a victim of skinny shaming can be just as traumatizing as it is with a bigger ladies as well.
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