calivy: So I can’t check messages (maybe an email or Snapchat,…


So I can’t check messages (maybe an email or Snapchat, can be made…?), can’t post videos (got one up to xhamster but can’t figure out how to share it to here from there), can’t take new ones for the next 5 days or so (my fucking uterus won’t cooperate – seriously feel like it’s making me pay for the years I’ve not been taking advantage of the monthly work she and my ovaries have been doing for me, only for me to put an IUD in her and poison her with copper ions basically, no wonder she’s angry, I’d feel same if some cunt kept tricking me into thinking we were having a baby every month for years), so I’m reblogging myself. It usually feels too self motivated and self interested to do that, unless it’s gotten like a thousand or more notes, but I feel like even if this isn’t my best, it didn’t suck that bad. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend (and don’t have that much shoveling left if you were recently hit as hard as I was Thursday….more coming though…need to get PLOWED. Seriously need to be plowed. ??) . Stay warm!! ❤❄️?

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